Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tendered Hari Raya Hampers 2011

These are RM250 gift baskets. Our clients requested imported products paired with our homemade cookies.
Whats inside:
  1. Ceramic cup and saucer
  2. Mark & Spencer products
  3. California dates
  4. Almond london cookies
  5. Straw basket
  6. soft net
  7. cellophane wrap
  8. ribbons
  9. flower deco
Our hamper / gift baskets are most often custom made; which means that the content is per customer's request. We do not fix the gift basket content - its custom made and based on customers preference of brands/products and budget! Consultation is a crucial part of our service whereby we will try our best to attend to customer's needs and budget.  

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